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Mary Magdalene Rising ~

Remembering the Magdalene Within


I'm a unique visionary: I have a natural attunement to tune into what is possible beyond the level of 3-dimensions... which is valuable in allowing me to hold an evolutionary, healing, and transformational space for others. I experience myself as an embodiment of the healer, seer, and teacher archetypes. 

Everything I do in my teaching springs from a devotional heart and longing for more realization in my self and my clients. It is an honor and a delight for me to participate in the transformation of my relationships and myself. Teaching is a way of igniting more awakening and for uncovering my own rough edges and the next steps of expansion. It keeps me on my toes as well as vulnerable. I love it, but it is often not simple or easy. 

Mary Magdalene and I are a team; this bandwidth also includes other “Invisibles” - angels and guides that have been with me for eons. They are “my team”. They honor and celebrate me and my willingness as a vital aspect of a larger soul group or tribe. As a soul tribe member, I have taken on a physical body to be the ‘ground-zero point” of consciousness during this current transitory, earthly, time and space. (Ostensibly, we switch roles. I also take my turn as an aspect of “our link” to planet earth, from beyond the veil in other lifetimes.)

As a point-person, I have developed trust and surrender instead of being governed by survival instinct.

For me, trust and surrender means:

To honor my limits, but also to inquire into what “my limiting ” behavior are sourced in and thus to not fall victim to them.

To participate in the flow of life from a place of openness and trusting engagement vs. calculated, ego-driven strategies.

To have the courage to show up and move forward into unknown possibilities and not allow fear to hold me back.

To see with mature, compassionate clarity my unconscious patterns based on survival and separation,

To hold those patterns patiently so they feel comfortable to align with the higher conscious essence of embodied freedom. 

About My Journey

I feel reluctant to write this bio. My hesitation is my fear of being seen, sticking my neck out, turning someone off or on! At the same time, I want to express the wonder of who I Am without pretense or false humility but with vulnerability, honesty, and simplicity. I have lived a challenging and blessed life. With a deep need for meaningfulness so clearly revealed in my astrological chart, I have always been lead by something larger...Love? Soul? God? Being? Mystery?

Inside several loving and transformational unions, many cherished personal relationships, and various dharmas that fulfilled my need to serve in creative and compelling ways, I rode a wave of trust that took me all over the world, to sacred sites and spiritually significant experiences, most often through the grace of my connections with others. Most essentially, my longing has delivered me into the rich landscapes of my own Being.

In 1988 I was called to provide women’s spirituality circle that lead to livelihood and authoring a book I titled Womanspirit Rising: Remembering the Goddess Within. I was also drawn to deepen my inner knowing of archetypes through the tarot, astrology, and other esoteric systems. Astrology, an ancient art that comes naturally to me, became a component of my expansion into mentoring, counseling, and healing at the level of the soul. With a keen intuition that healthfully serving others hinged on embracing and healing my own emotional wounds; my inner journey with the Shadow grew deeper as did my healing practice.

In 2001 I became deeply involved with a teacher and a psycho/spiritual practice named Emotional Subself Healing (ESH) and later, Emotional Body Enlightenment (EBE). This process provided an exploration of authentic expression vs. strategic/compensational living, an intense exploration of the shadow and disenfranchised parts of self.

This paradigm presented as having no end-goal, yet the bar of an unspoken expectation kept rising, which I could never actually reach because it was based on the leader's ideas and beliefs about how that should manifest, not mine. I followed his premises (often with lots of inner anguish) in the same way I once had followed my natural instincts. In 2007, being stuck inside this particular paradigm, transfixed by the dicey nature of individual “transmutation”, I eventually realized my limits in terms of personal fulfillment. Eventually through upheaval and the unchecked shadows of co-dependence the paradigm’s bubble burst. I was forced to let go of my spiritual and emotional foundations…releasing my beloved partner, my vocation, and my “spiritual family” within a very short time.

Being a Scorpio-soul, this incarnation has been my greatest teacher; all aspects of life, death, and rebirth are normal to me. However, the depth and breadth of these changes have served to liberate me from my attachment to the people I loved most and everything I held dear. I am now arriving at the gateway of my True Soul-Self laden with precious gifts and treasured life lessons. My enduring life purpose is dedicated to transparency in all my relations, the expression of the Sacred Feminine, and living in the simplicity-of-Being.

My current Thresholds include:

  • Being defined by other (cultural imprints, belief systems, a mate) vs. Self-defining in the crucible of Love
  • Aging graciously
  • Key and crucial lessons in humility, and compassion; serving others by providing a glimpse of their soul patterns and incarnation purposes through the mechanism of astrology and my priestess perceptions.
  • Heart-centric relationships.
  • Retrieving projections
  • Being present in the present moment

Inspired by:

  • Saniel Bonder's legacy)
  • Astrological Illumination by Jeffrey Wolf Green
  • Andrew Harvey and his works of LoveMary MagdaleneThe deep Longing in my Heart to Remember..."to arrive where I started and know the place for the first time ."presented through Richard Rudd.
  • 35+ years of counseling, mentoring, emerging. evolving