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Mary Magdalene Rising ~

Remembering the Magdalene Within

Guided Imagery and Music (G.I.M.)

Connecting with Your Heart-songs through music-evoked imagery

"Sound or vibration is the most powerful force in the universe, and music is a divine art, to be used as a path to God-realization."



Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is a powerful and gentle process that can evoke healing, emotional integration, past life memories, and Self-realization. Designed to access non-ordinary states of consciousness and to open the heart, GIM uses music to draw forth feelings and awaken the potential of the body, mind, and spirit to open, expand, and heal. This potent modality rests in the fundamental fact that within each of us, many unique qualities and gifts exist, and music has the ability to reach in and draw out your unique, intrinsic brilliance. 


“Music isn’t a matter of taste, it’s a matter of consciousness.”

After carefully listening to your personal intentions for healing, I as a certified GIM guide, provide a musicscape (with specific audio music selections) that allow you, as the traveler, to access liminal space in order to explore aspects and images of your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies that contain deeper realms of awareness that are outside your usual thinking patterns. This experience is also considered by many to be a kind of "waking dream."


The carefully-selected music actively engages your imagination and gives rise to images similar to those experienced in dreams. Your personal imagery, which may arise as physical sensations, memories, stories, symbols, or archetypes, serve as vehicles for unconscious feelings and awareness. This leads to a better understanding of what lies beneath your conscious mind that may be prohibiting your fullest expression. This 30 to 40-minute musical passage is followed by specific and sensitive dialogue that helps to ground your experience into your body…and your life. 


GIM opens up your mind and heart to what has been unclear... toward revelation and new ways to move forward in your life.

GIM serves you by:

 ~ Facing a personal sense of stagnation, anxiety, bereavement, fear, or trauma.

~ Facing challenging life transitions.

~ Healing the past and past lives.

~ Discovering your next step in life and/or your deepest desires.

~ Maximizing your creativity.

~ The fullest expression of your soul purpose.

~ GIM can also be very effective in facing chronic pain.

Whatever your goals, from wherever you begin, GIM supports the integration of possibility into embodied reality.

The GIM method is of interest to anyone who recognizes the power of music to heal... to make whole... to make holy. 

For More Information Email: [email protected]


Call 541 499-1189 for a session:

Linda resides in:

Ashland, OR


Santa Fe, NM