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Mary Magdalene Rising ~

Remembering the Magdalene Within

Into the Cave with Mary Magdalene

As it is said, Mary Magdalene lived in a cave for a number of years; many of us have the impulse to retreat at times.  I invite you to choose to enter a dark or shadow aspect of your inner or outer life. When life seems "shitty", frightening, or overwhelming, turn to your inner Magdalen for guidance and support. Take a break from your routine and create a focused journey of solitude to the depths, giving your Inner Magdalene the opportunity to express and be heard. This inner retreat may include writing, drawing, prayer, and poetry, taken over a three to five hour or up to a week period of time. 

Another way to give yourself reflective space might involve receiving a Magdalene astrology chart reading(s) with me. An overview that fits your needs is provided by me (at no charge to determine if this process is what meets your needs and desires. Thereafter, each time we meet, I will assist you in creating "practices" that support living into or deepening your experience and insights. 

Via Skype or FaceTime or In-person.

Summary of your Five-week Archetypal* Soul Journey

Week One: The Nodes of the Moon and Your Life Purpose

We will examine the indications of your soul gifts and soul intentions for this lifetime. You will identify and explore your South Node as representative of your path in the past (karma) and your North Node as symbolic of your future and current path (dharma) in life.

The North Node and South Node are always located directly opposite of each other.

Week Two: Pluto and your Transformational Consciousness Potential.

This week we will investigate Pluto, the planet of transformation that represents areas in your life containing important and often repressed qualities of your soul expression that are calling to be integrated into your life.

Week Three: Chiron and Your Core Wound

This week we explore the placement of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, exploring how your wounds may contain the seeds of your soul purpose and the importance of the adage "turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones." As a result, you will uncover and claim a unique set of skills and a clearer understanding of your life directions.

Week Four: Introduction to the Magdalena asteroid and where she lives in your birth chart and how she may serve as an inner guide in cultivating and claiming your potential Self. 

Week Five: The Path of Your Soul

Weaving it all together.

Setting intentions.

We will explore the archetypes in innovative ways including music, meditation, guided exercises, and writing sessions geared toward helping you better understand the nature of your power and personal destiny.