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Mary Magdalene Rising ~

Remembering the Magdalene Within

Magdalena Musings

A Few Evolutionary Ideas about Mary Magdalene

 I experience Mary Magdalene as a leader, teacher, healer, and mystic, and as a mate to Yeshua. She embodies the balancing yin element for the Christian religion. She is an essential part of the story that has been sadly missing. She is likely to have been a mother as well! 

Mary Magdalene may have also been a scholar, a learned person, and a teacher in her own right. She was a gifted human being on a journey of world soul purpose.

Mary Magdalene may have initiated Jesus into Ancient Mysteries. She might have been his lover, a sacred partner who knew the ancient rights and helped open his mind to the possibilities of the human soul. This is what many more contemporary scholars and writers emphasize in their books, as well as other transmissions and psychic contacts with Mary Magdalene. This idea is also part of many old and contemporary Gnostic beliefs.

Many others suggest she was a Priestess, who was trained in the ancient temples of Egypt.

Mary Magdalene may have been a wealthy woman. As a woman who may have managed her own finances without depending on a man, Mary Magdalene was in charge of her own aspirations and her own evolution.

Mary Magdalene may have received a purging of her chakras by Yeshua. When the Bible mentions Yeshua purged seven demons out of a "loose" woman, he was performing that on Mary Magdalene as a means to fully birth her Light. My sense is that her life became transformed and illuminated after this transformative experience period.

See The Healing Wisdom of Mary Magdalene by Jack Angelo.

Mary Magdalene may have been the inheritor and progenitor of the Christos and likely was the main apostle. The apostles may not have wanted to be led by her, but Yeshua recognized her as someone with extraordinary spiritual capacities according to the ancient manuscripts, the Gospel of Mary, of Phillip, and of Thomas.

Mary Magdalene may have been the equal of Yeshua, two parts of the same soul. According to the book St. Mary Magdalene: The Gnostic Tradition of the Holy Bride, she held a similar evolution and mission to Jesus, and at the same time, walked her unique path. When they found each other they recognized in each other their complement and equal.

It is likely that Mary Magdalene may have gone to the south of France to live after Jesus left for India. In there is a long tradition of love for the Magdalene, the Madeline. The Church of Love is one example, and many beautiful stories and shrines honor her in the Languedoc area of southern France. As the anointer of Yeshua, she became the saint of flowers and perfume. She is associated with essential healing oils.

Mary Magdalene is an instrument of the goddess and the Divine Feminine. Mary Magdalene is linked to Artemis, Aphrodite, and earlier divinities. She represents the balancing principle to the god Apollo and the “son of God”. Archetypically, Yeshua is the sun; Mary Magdalene is the moon.

She is also related to the Black Madonna, a figure of European imagery recognized as the Virgin Mary in most instances, but also connected to shrines and caves that belong to the ancient religions of France and the Celtic lands. In the middle ages, Leonardo da Vinci links Mary Magdalene to the Gnostics and the Essenes.

Margaret Starbird connects Mary Magdalene to the goddess by using Gematria, the tradition of using numbers in sacred texts to express sacred concepts. Many transmissions and published research suggest that Mary Magdalene personifies and represents Sophia and the Goddess.

Mary Magdalene may have been so many things and that is why she is my Guide, my Muse, and my Sister-in-Love. She opens me to a universe of possibilities that is a great and wonderful gift available for all with heart-eyes to see. She dwells within your open Heart.